Lowest Price Guarantee
At Support So Simple, we have taken extra care to ensure we keep our overheads as low as possible and manage all work as efficiently as we can, all without compromising on our levels of service, enabling us to provide low cost, reliable support to all
There are many advertised 'companies' on the internet claiming such services, many of whom unfortunately have neither the experience, ability or status to make such claims or provide such a service (at any level).
There are a few promises that we can make...
1. We are a registered company in England & Wales, number 5652965
  Our accounts, credit and status are publicly visible, our trading records virtually transparent and our Directors personally responsible - we have nothing, and nowhere to hide!
2. We are VAT registered - once a company reaches a certain size, they are required to register
  Smaller companies or individuals that are not VAT registered are typically new, operating part time or not particularly successful (and all lacking in experience), or even operating illegally! Although a 20% saving seems attractive, the reason behind the discounts are often not as genuine.
3. We are fully insured with Professional Indemnity, Employers, Public and Product Liability Cover
  It may seem trivial, but having full insurance cover means you (the customer) are fully covered in the very rare event (none to date) a member of our staff accidentally damages your property or causes you significant loss due to faulty workmanship. Additionally, our own employees are covered in the event something happens to them whilst acting in a work capacity (again, no claims to date!).
4. All Support So Simple IT Technicians have at least 4 years experience in their respective areas
  When it comes to IT, there is nothing more important than experience - all current Support So Simple IT Technicians have over 12 years experience working as IT Technicians, supporting all levels of IT.
5. We will always provide Free, Friendly and non-bias advice
  Whatever the problem, our Technicians are always available to provide free, friendly advice without any obligation. Just give us a call on 0844 87 97 345 or e-mail support@supportsosimple.com
Back to the Lowest Price Guarantee... Taking all that into consideration, if you are able to find a company locally that will provide an equal service for less, we will gladly match their price and refund the difference*!
We do have a few conditions, and will have to investigate the claim before agreeing to any discount. We are unable to match limited offers, vouchers or loyalty discounts provided by other companies. Claims must be made within 14 days of works being initially undertaken. We are only able to match our net rate (so excluding VAT).
Other considerations to take when 'comparing prices'
If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! A lower hourly rate will typically work out more costly in the long run if the Technician does not have the experience or skills to do the job correctly from the start.
Additionally, do not be swayed by claims of No Fix, No Fee - there is always a solution to a problem! Many people are under the impression that if they choose not to proceed with a repair then there will be no fee, but every company we have encountered will always charge some kind of diagnosis fee. It is very rare that a solution to a problem is not available, but a more common reason to not continue with a repair is that it may not be financially viable! We too offer a No Fix, No Fee guarantee, and if the problem is something our technicians genuinly cannot fix at any level then we will gladly retun the device with no labour charges.
*Terms and conditions apply. If you have any questions about our guarantee our services please contact us