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We appreciate that many users may simply need a little advice or have a small problem that can be fixed quickly and easily - to help with this, we now offer FREE IT Support to home users, without any obligation, fee's or contracts.
Lowest Price Guarantee: We're confident our prices and service cannot be matched, so much so that we will guarantee it! If you're able to find an equal service for less locally, we'll match it - click here for more details.
So whatever the problem, whatever the device, as long as you're a Home User our experienced IT Technicians will gladly give you 20 minutes of their time - no deposits, hard sells or hidden catches...
Now what? To begin your FREE IT SUPPORT today, there are 3 simple steps!
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  Step 3: Thats pretty much it? There are really only 2 steps!  
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Frequently Asked Questions...
" But 20 minutes does not seem very long? " we hear you say
You might be surprised at how much an experienced IT Technician can do in 20 minutes - whether answering some basic questions, simple guidance on a repair or connecting remotely to diagnose or fix a nigling glitch.
Here are some examples of recent FREE support given to our customers, each resolved within 20 minutes...
No Internet - Tested, diagnosed and found to be an incorrectly cabled broadband/phone setup.
No Keyboard activity - After a quick Remote Desktop Session, our technician was able to resolve the problem by uninstalling and re-installing the keyboard driver.
Virus Infection - A quick check and modification of some key Windows systems partially removed a virus enough to allow a previously incapacitated antivirus programme to remove the virus fully.
New Laptop Purchase - A customer wanted some advice on which laptop they should buy (not actually from us, but with vouchers from a high street store). Our Technician asked the right questions and gave the customer a 'jargon free' explanation of typical differences, allowing the customer to make the right 'informed' decision, suiting both their needs and budget.
Although many of these solutions may seem obvious after the fact, if you don't know what your looking or testing for, these simple problems can become major nuisances, and potentially quite costly. Each of these problems were resolved within 20 minutes, and cost the customer nothing!
We do however have a couple of basic conditions to our Free Support Offer...
Unfortunately, we are only able to offer Free Support to Home & Home Office Users
Business devices, systems or software are not covered by our Free Support offer
We are only able to provide Free Remote Support (onsite support is chargeable at our standard rates)
Remote Support meaning telephone support, e-mail support or remote desktop support
Free Support is limited to 20 minutes per incident - although you can contact us as many times as you like!
Our standard support charges are applicable after 20 minutes (you do NOT need to commit to furtherwork)
We do require you to register, giving you access to our Online Web Help Desk
There are no fees or tie-ins - this is to assist us in monitoring any support given
  For more information on our services or for some support for your device(s) please contact us